Driving and rest time rules.


Driving and resting period.

As a bus company, you must comply with applicable rules on driving and rest time. And at Busbooking we only work with suppliers who are serious and professional regarding compliance with applicable driving and rest time rules.

For many, the driving and rest time rules may seem opaque, since at the same time a number of special exceptions and special rules have been made as a starting point. But below we have briefly outlined the rules associated with ordinary tourist driving:


icon A driver may max. have a driving period of 4.5 hours. The driver must then take a break icon


icon A valid break must be at least 45 minutes. But within the driving period this may be divided icon


icon A driver must have a total driving time (driving hours) of a maximum of 9 hours per day. Twice a week, however, for a maximum of 10 hours icon


icon A driver must have a working day of a maximum of 13 hours. Three times a week, however, max. 15 hours icon


icon A driver must take one weekly rest for a total of 11 consecutive hours. Three times a week, however, reduced to 9 hours icon


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